TTC-352 is a selective human estrogen receptor partial agonist (ShERPA). TTC-352 is designed to treat metastatic ER+ breast cancers that have progressed on first-line endocrine therapy and a CDK4/6 inhibitor.  TTC-352 is expected to be effective in breast cancer patients that develop resistance to endocrine therapy (estimated 625,000 women in the United States annually).  TTC-352 builds on the demonstrated clinical efficacy of estradiol in breast cancer, with a mechanism of action that is similar to estradiol in causing tumor regression in resistant cancers but was predicted to abrogate side effects associated with estradiol. Completed phase I clinical trial confirmed that the drug is safe and demonstrated encouraging signal of activity in patients with heavily pretreated with hormonal and chemotherapy refractory breast cancer. In addition, clinical study as it was predicted during the process of drug design, identified biomarker of  benefit.

Why TTC -352 is an attractive, new potential therapy of breast cancer?

•        Novel mechanism of action for hormonal therapy of breast cancer

•        Effective in CDK4/6 resistant ER+ breast cancer after failure of AI and SERD

•        Biomarker predicting activity in development (PKCa overexpression)

•        Oral capsule delivery

•        Human safety established

•        Evidence of activity in heavily pretreated ER+ breast cancer

•        Significant key opinion leaders support for novel, non-toxic breast cancer                 therapy

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